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Creating Comprehensive Strategies for a Better Tomorrow

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Retirement Income Strategies

Planning for retirement can be a complicated, intricate process. At Shemwell Financial, we analyze your unique financial situation before developing strategies that can lead you to the retirement income you’ve spent a lifetime working to build. Because we’re not tied to one particular company or product, we are committed to sharing our expertise and educating you on how to reach your retirement income goals.

Whether you’re in the initial stages of planning or are already retired, Robert Shemwell can help you make your retirement funds last. 

Estate Preservation

Our main goal is your main goal with estate preservation: to provide for your family, including spouses, children, grandchildren, parents and siblings. We help you to design a strategy that allows you to share your life’s successes with others during your lifetime and direct distribution after death. We will work with you to prioritize the goals for your estate and customize a strategy to meet your long-term needs. Whether you are trying to minimize the impact of taxes or simply guarantee your heirs will receive what you have originally planned, Robert Shemwell will work with you to execute the proper strategies for you.

Tax Efficient Solutions

April 15 can be a dreaded day, or a celebrated one. Shemwell Financial understands the importance of making sure you take advantage of all the tax deductions and exemptions available to you, as well as understand the commonly overlooked tax reduction strategies for retirement. We are up-to-date on the latest tax planning and potential reduction strategies for retirees. We can assist with IRA or other retirement account roll-overs and transfers, ensuring you don’t pay any unnecessary taxes, penalties and fees. We can also work with you to understand your Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) and how to take them so your income in retirement is maximized.

About Shemwell Financial


Robert Shemwell

Honest and always client-oriented, Robert Shemwell III ensures every client who walks through the front door knows they’re his priority—an experience not many insurance professionals can claim.

Using his decades of experience, Robert is committed to helping clients solve problems and is dedicated to finding retirement income tactics that fit their unique needs so they’re better able to reach their goals. After listening and getting to know their goals, Robert then designs innovative strategies to complement said goals.

Knowing his clients rely on him for guidance keeps Robert focused on what’s in their best interests. He values treating people right and giving them confidence in their retirement-income futures. Having won several awards throughout the years for his business practices, Robert is a proven leader in the industry.

Outside of the office, you can find Robert spending time with his beloved family, including his wife, three kids and five grandkids. Robert is an active member of his church community, as well as a highly-sought after Christian speaker, volunteering his time often and speaking to many parishes about financial lessons that can be learned from the Bible. When he’s not at church or in the office, Robert enjoys spending time exploring the great outdoors, including hunting, fishing and playing golf.

 “As in all successful ventures, the foundation of a good retirement is planning.” 

Earl Nightingale

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